Bad Underground Show : 31/01/2007 Special Buddah Smoka @ RBS 91.9 Fm

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Rick James : Mary Jane
Redman : smoke buddah
redman/method man : how high
technical : this blunt
govna mattic : ghetto red hot
call o da wild : clouds of smoke
cypress hill : throw your set in the air
lootpack : weedidit
madvillains : america's most blunted
ol dirty bastard : gettin high
mf doom : my favorite ladies
kanzulu : malibu herbsman
j-zone : smoke theory
mad lion : puff da blunt
krs one : can't wake up
method man : method man
redman : how to roll a blunt
bumpy knuckles : the lah
ghostface killah : after the smoke is clear
smiff n wessun : next shit
eligh : chronik
pharcyde : pack da pipe
supreme ntm : pass le oinj
kmd : stop smokin' that shit
tha alkaholiks : mary jane
dilated peoples : weed vs beer
supernatural : buddah blessed it
scientifik : still an herb dealer
major stress : more and more
le shit squad : le retour du shit squad
channel live : madizm
akbar : cheebah creepas

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