Bad Underground Show 18/07/2007 @ RBS 91.9 Fm Strasbourg

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Happy BirthDay so Alcoholik Mix

strickly roots : beg no friends remix
tim dog : fuck compton
prince ad and psycho child : lyrical flava
evil twinz : ray come true
3rd bass : daddy rich in the land of 1210
company flow : vital nerve
house of pain : put your heads out
del tha funky homosapien : you're in shambles
brother arthur : year of the 9
mobb deep : peer pressure
ruggedness maddrama : me and my click
masta ace inc : slaughterhouse
fu-schnikens : true fu-schnick
hilfiguz : not enuff time
blackmoon : u da man remix
saukrates : father time
king tee : got it y'all bad
madman shawn : walk thru hell
da nabahood threat : off witcha head
hyenas in the desert : other side of midnight
daddy lord c : les jaloux
dredknotz : concentration
channel live : madizm remix
25 is life : freestylin'
justice system : dedication to bambaata
nine : me myself and my microphone
whoridas : shot callin big ballin
flatlinerz : rivaz of red
onyx : most def
odb : ol dirty's back
constellation : for all the heads
dj krush :
call o da wild : sometimes the neighbourhood
black poets : the hand that robs the cradle
dj shadow / gift of gab : count and estimate
108 dragonz : grimlock
nu-seed : peep dat
cenobites : mommy
pete rock and cl smooth : straighten it out

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