Check the Vibe Radioshow August 2009 live on Querfunk 104.8 FM Karlsruhe

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Here is a summer special, broadcasted last Saturday live on Querfunk 104.8 FM in Karlsruhe, Germany. In the first hour you can hear some easy listening and jazzy sound from brasil plus some rare funk and 50 minutes underground hiphop in the 2nd hour.

Part 1 (Jazz, Brazil, Easy Listening, Funk)

Henry Mancini - Chicken little was right

A Ponte - Nós

Claudio Medeiros - Green olives

Tamba 4 - San Salvador

Cal Tjader - Hip walk

Elis Regina - Upa Neguino

Les Baxter - Somewhere in the hills

Astrud Gilberto - Baiao

Sergio Mendes - Zanzibar

Monday Michiru - Ain't it the truth

Mongo Santamaria - Los indios

Magnum - Composition seven

Eddy Driver - Black night

Pleasure - We have so much

Tip of the iceberg - Tip of the iceberg

The New Apocalypse - Stainless soul

Al Brown - The Whip (Part 1)

Benny Poole - Sorry 'bout that

B.D.M. - Sting in the tail

The Shades of Black Mystery of Black (Part 1)

Breakestra - You don't need a dance

Part 2 (Hiphop Mix after 70 minutes)

3 Times Dope - Freestyle Mania

Yah Supreme - Old and wise

Foundation and Rezidue - Boogiedown got the flavor

Trybal Men - Money to make

Mad Scientist - Maintain

Da Fat Cat Clique - Live from fox valley

Dred Scott - Back in the day

Da Youngstas - In the city

Asheru and Blue Black - Setting sun (Blue Light Mix)

Lootpack - Hityawitdat

Brothers under madness - Take a look around (Remix)

Paw Dukes - Amazin

Kirk - Catch the beat

Triptik - Si tu aimes comme on rime

Nathan Davis - Stick buddy

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